I'm happy to announce that version 0.3.1 of pepper is now available. This release brings the usual fixes as well as new features. Experimental support for using LevelDB as a backend for the revision cache has been added. The built-in Gnuplot interface received a function for pie charts, which is already used by the new authors_pie report and the new --pie flag for the filetypes report. Furthermore, there's a new report called volume which closely resembles the commit volume report from Ohloh.

The list of bugs that have been fixed in this release includes an issue that broke plotting on Mac OS X and some headless environments. Repository detection for working copies handled with Subversion 1.7 has been fixed, too.

A more detailed listing of the changes can be found in the change log, source tarballs are available at the Download section.

The Gallery has been updated with new examples, now using a pretty Gnuplot style based on this GuidoLabs article.